how to fix vinyl flooring

How Do I Fix Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is an incredible investment for your home, but it is not an indestructible one. There are always some instances that can happen against even the most durable product that tests its resolve. So, how to fix vinyl flooring.

The good news about that when it comes to vinyl flooring is that you don’t need to replace the entire floor, you can just fix the area in question. Whilst it is normal for the flooring to expect some wear and tear, immense amounts of exposure to moisture can result in the floor showing signs of bubbling up which leads to a weakening in its protective measures.

The Preferred Method

If your Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring shows minimal signs of damage, don’t worry; your whole floor is not a lost cause. You can use a scrap piece of the material to make a patch which makes the wear undetectable.

From there, cut the scrap vinyl piece matching the pattern around the damaged vinyl. This is usually around 4” longer or wider around the pattern of the damaged area. By matching the pattern on the scrap vinyl to the floor laid vinyl, you can then tape it down by the use of duct tape. The tape needs to be held in place securely without covering the pattern around the damaged area.

Cut Around

By using a sharp utility knife held straight up and down, begin to cut along the break line of the pattern rather than the centre line.

Score the vinyl and press firmly so that the blade protrudes through the patch and floor vinyl. This could take a few passes to pierce the floor vinyl. Once the pattern has been cut out, remove the tape and take out the damaged vinyl. You may get combated from the adhesive so use a putty knife to securely break the vinyl-free.

It is important to cleanly remove the old adhesive and dry-fit the patch. Using your utility knife, trim the patch where necessary and bevel the bottom edges to help the patch sit as it should.

Final Touches

Now it is time to apply the fresh adhesive for the vinyl. Use the putty knife for this exercise to apply an even coat of adhesive to the floor.

Follow this by putting the patch of vinyl into place on the floor. You can then clean the seams with a damp (not soaked) rag, finishing off by laying a heavy object over the patch for whatever the recommended drying time of the adhesive. Once the adhesive is dried, clean the seam of the patch and mix a vinyl seam sealer, which will melt the seam together creating a perfect blending with the rest of the floor.

For more help with the care, maintenance and repair of luxury vinyl tile flooring, or if you’re still wondering how to fix vinyl flooring, contact the team at Floorbay.