what causes vinyl flooring to buckle

Why Does My Vinyl Floor Buckle?

Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring has no doubt been a fantastic investment to your home, doing away with the price of real hardwood flooring as well as the disadvantages that comes with it. But what causes vinyl flooring to buckle?

You may have saved money on the professional install too by doing it yourself in either click-together or glue-down. However, if you have not closely followed the install guide or sought advice on areas you were not sure about, you may see some problems starting to arise, especially if your floor has started to buckle.

The Cause

No matter which type of vinyl flooring option you have installed, you can still experience buckling.

There are a few reasons this has started to occur, so you will need to fully understand how it has happened and how to go about fixing the problem. Those new to vinyl flooring and about to lay can also follow these guidelines to ensure the same problems will not occur for you.

Increased Heat and Sunlight

Buckling in vinyl flooring is most common in cases where the material is expanded and contracted by warmth. As increased warmth hits the vinyl, it can sometimes expand slightly which can cause buckling. In colder situations, it is possible that the vinyl can contract and leave gaps between the tiles.

If the area in question gets more direct sunlight, such as with sliding glass doors or larger windows, it can be quite common, and extreme heat from the sun can sometimes cause the bond of the glue used to weaken and cause the tiles to slip. Certain precautions can be made by discussing with your supplier upfront about the room it will be implemented within. Regardless, luxury vinyl products are less likely to buckle over some less expensive, economy flooring tiles.


Although all vinyl flooring products are 100% waterproof, such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring and quick step luxury vinyl, large amounts of water soaking the floor can still cause damage.

If water begins to seep up from under the flooring from a moist concrete floor, your adhesive will begin to weaken and cause buckling. During the installation, it is recommended that you install a vapour barrier under the planks to prevent buckling. Be sure that any vinyl flooring you are using for the bathroom or kitchen or other high water areas is suitable and waterproof.

Luxury vinyl flooring is meant to be a long-lasting and durable choice for your home and its properties will ensure it does its part to last many years within the home. If you are experiencing any problems, have any additional concerns about the safe installation of vinyl flooring or wondering what causes vinyl flooring to buckle, contact the team at Floorbay today.