how to increase the value of your home

Increasing Your Home Value

During 2021 the biggest impact the UK has seen has been on house sales, with many people looking to sell their home above the asking price due to the shortage of supply. But are you left wondering how to increase the value of your home?

This results in many current homeowners looking to sell wanting to set the home up to look its best at a fraction of the price to save money for their move. If you are among those looking to sell this year, getting that valuation is high on your list of positive outcomes. Whilst there are many things to consider to help increase the value of your home, the most effective way goes with upgrading your flooring.


The first thing that anyone viewing your property will focus on will be the floor and having it look fantastic leaves a huge impact on the decision that your home is perfect to purchase.

With so many flooring options to consider, the best from a practical, cost-effective and stylish standpoint falls into luxury vinyl flooring. With many different brands available, vinyl effortlessly replicates real hardwood (which can be expensive) or stone (which can be fragile) in a huge variety of tones and designs.

In delivering a lasting impression, vinyl flooring such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring provides the right first impression that you are someone who has meticulously cared for the home and the flooring is going to last a long time.


The best part about vinyl flooring is that it is among the cheapest options on the market for quality flooring.

With the sole purpose of adding value to your home, vinyl is much more preferable to hardwood which is vastly more expensive and harder to maintain. It is also much simpler than carpet which requires expensive cleaning products and a few days to thoroughly clean for viewings. Luxury vinyl flooring offers the double whammy of being cheap and very easy to clean by a simple sweep, mop and vacuum between every viewing.

Benefits That Appeal

The biggest appeal is that it looks authentic, with most people viewing being unable to tell the difference in most cases.

Upon discussing the flooring with any potential buyers, a unique selling point is that it takes hardly any effort to keep clean and is filled with protective layers against scratches, stains and moisture. On top of these, if any sections do need replacing for whatever reason, they are extremely cheap and easy to replace.

If you are wondering how to increase the value of your home by adding some positive touch-ups to a property you are looking to sell this year, contact the team at Floorbay to add some value to your home.