wood effect flooring

Why Wood Effect Flooring is Better with Vinyl

A lot of people choose wood effect flooring styles for their homes due to their lasting appeal. Although it does look great, it is also very expensive, hard to maintain its original look and uncomfortable underfoot.

When wanting to achieve that look, many opt towards luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, made out of synthetic material such as fibreglass, PVC vinyl and plasticizer to make it not only durable but also comfortable underfoot when walking.

As expected, there are many benefits to choosing luxury vinyl flooring planks over real wood effect flooring (hardwood).


The key to the success of vinyl flooring is that it is generally softer than its real-life counterpart, providing a much more pleasant experience to walk on barefoot. Compared to other floorings like stone or ceramic, it is also warmer to the touch – and it can replicate them too.

Vinyl planks offer additional layers of cushioning that provide not just comfort underfoot, but also a perfect component towards underfloor heating systems that are a perfect insulator.

No Rot

As the lowest price Amtico flooring is made with waterproof materials, it is the perfect option for water-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. The added benefit is that the waterproofing eliminates rotting wood from dampness and it perfectly protects your subfloor.

The durability of the planks is designed to last the longest possible time, which can last upwards of 30 years or more if kept in an easily maintained condition. As vinyl planks are scratch, stain and wear-resistant, they tend to last their full life without needing any replacements with just simple sweeping and a mop every week.

Most cleaning can be done with a simple wipe and removal of any dirt and grit.


The best point that luxury wood effect vinyl flooring can make is that it is extremely affordable and one of the most economic choices on the market.

Just comparing the price of wood, stone or ceramic flooring against its replicated vinyl lookalike shows significant cost savings alone, and when you factor in that vinyl does not necessarily require a professional fitter and its associated costs, you stand to save a lot more by doing it simply by yourself.

Vinyl can be installed over concrete, hardwood, plywood or tiles – even existing vinyl if required. However, it is not recommended that you install over 2 or more existing layers.

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