increase the value of your home

Increasing Your Home Value

If you are among the many people looking to increase the value of your home this coming year, with an eye on selling your home for the best possible price, you will want your home to be stunning in its valuation – and this can be achieved on a smaller budget for touch-ups to the home.

Increasing the value of the house for those potential buyers is all about making them fall in love with the place how it looks, not at what its potential for a look could be. This can be done by repainting the walls, decluttering the house or installing new kitchen tops. Another way to achieve the best value look is to look into luxury vinyl flooring.

First Impressions Count

When someone first steps into a potential house to purchase, the primary thing that greets them is the look of the floor – it speaks a lot for what they will expect from the rest of the house, good and bad.

When you have something such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring in place, your first impression given will be one of sophistication and style, opening up the rest of the property to provide just as much.

With many different styles and types available, deciding on which one tends to be the hardest part of the process. With the sole purpose of adding value to the property without breaking the bank to do so, vinyl adds many benefits into the mix.


First off is the natural look of what you are looking to achieve, be it wood or stone-based design.

The good news about vinyl flooring can perfectly replicate the look of these impressive flooring options is that they don’t come with any issues that real hardwood or stone would face on top of the price.

All vinyl needs to stay clean is a weekly mop or brush to keep it clean as new. It also is a much more comfortable product underfoot, and it is a relatively simple process to self install to save on professional fitter costs. Cost-effectiveness is a major plus when you are wanting to best present your home whilst putting money aside for your next one.

Best Brands to Look at

Whilst Luvanto is a leading popular brand of luxury vinyl flooring, there are plenty of fantastic brands also offering unique looks for the home. The lead favourite is the lowest cost Amtico flooring and Karndean click vinyl flooring, offering vast collections from long leading brands.

Polyflor and Invictus are very popular also with people looking to impress with their home. With kitchens also looking dynamic from Quick-Step luxury vinyl among others, you don’t run out of choice or budget when it comes to showcasing your home’s potential.

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