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Can Vinyl Flooring Withstand These Hot Months?

Luxury vinyl wood flooring is the most popular kind of flooring material not just in homes, but also in commercial properties.

We know that the product is highly scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and protects against moisture, but with the hot summer months now burning down on us, can vinyl flooring resist the heat?

The Good News

The good news is that luxury vinyl flooring, from Karndean click vinyl flooring to Invictus, are all protected against temperature rises.

Though they do need to be protected from long periods of direct sun exposure to ensure they don’t discolour, your adhesive will be protected against rises in temperature, including from the hot weather. Being manufactured to be protected against heat raising in summer months as well as comfortable underfoot is what makes vinyl flooring one of the better products available, whereas real hardwood or stone would see dramatic rises in heat that would scorch underfoot.

Extreme Heat

There are limits to any product when it comes to sources of extreme heat, and luxury vinyl flooring can be susceptible to them also.

There is no product on the market that is fully protected from more extreme heat sources. Like them, vinyl flooring can be affected by various threats, such as the dropping of a hot pan onto the surface within the kitchen.

This form of heat can have a detrimental effect on the vinyl wear layer, in the same way, a dropped cigarette could. Lit items like dropped matches or candles can scorch your flooring layer, or heat-generating items like curling irons that may drop on the floor could cause some burn on the product.

Other aspects that could pose a problem can range from faulty products. Appliances such as malfunctioning fridges, dryers and ovens start generating intense heat that can melt vinyl flooring. The good news from this is that whilst these items may be expensive to replace, vinyl flooring will be covered by a warranty and will be very easy to replace in the damaged areas without pulling up large sections of the flooring.

Effects of Extreme Temperature

Extreme heat is not recommended to mix with luxury vinyl wood flooring products. Not only can it result in melting or discolouration, but it can also distort the pattern if it is a patterned product.

There is no way to fix vinyl flooring in these situations, only replace it. It is also the most cost-effective replacement flooring on the market should any incident occur.

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