vinyl flooring ideas

Where Are the Best Rooms for Vinyl Flooring?

When you look at vinyl flooring ideas within the home, you are looking for the product to deliver on adding freshness and style to the interior whilst being a relatively painless exercise to install.

You may have been sold on its durable and versatile design being the perfect product for your home, but have you considered where it benefits the most within the home?

Vinyl flooring, such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, possesses a lot of characteristics such as moisture resistance and perfectly replicated wear layers to suit most rooms where the real alternative would not. Understanding where these benefit the most allows you to maximise your potential and look for a home.


Homeowners who opt for vinyl flooring usually have their kitchen first and foremost in mind for the change.

The truth is that vinyl makes a perfect floor for the kitchen for many reasons, not just because of the moisture resistance and durability it provides. The ability to be able to simply wipe down any water spills and provide no permanent damage to the floor is a definite key attraction for the kitchen, but it is also very springy and comfortable underfoot in comparison to the item it mimics.

When you stand on hard surfaces for long amounts of time, such as when you are cooking, your joints will start to feel the effects. With vinyl, its natural comfort in its design means you are less likely to be suffering as a result. The extra cushioned quality means that there is less chance of smashes and breakages of plates, cups or jars as it has a higher bounce factor with vinyl.


Due to the highest levels of waterproof design possible, vinyl flooring becomes the ideal bathroom choice when it comes to flooring.

This room is where vinyl flooring exceeds when it comes to wet areas of the house, where water from baths and showers have a higher tendency for ending up on the floor. Vinyl perfectly protects your subfloor and cannot seep between the boards causing damage, and it is not cold like real hardwood or stone or tile. Having the look of stone without the discomfort or hefty price tag is a major plus for bathrooms, and much cheaper also.


Small apartments are a perfect fit with luxury vinyl flooring, as it is easier to layer one type through all rooms instead of choosing different flooring for each room.

As vinyl flooring is designed to last upwards of 25 years, those seeking flooring to last any amount of tenancy within them find that vinyl lasts the entire term without needing replacement, and are easy to care against scratches, stains and wear due to the protective properties they have.

Whilst these scenarios are ideal for luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, they can work in virtually any room of the house. If you have vinyl flooring ideas and are looking for the best solution for vinyl flooring, contact the team at Floorbay today.