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Installing Underfloor Heating with LVT

Underfloor heating systems are certainly gaining popularity in the UK, especially given how harsh our winters can be. With this in mind, a question we often receive from our customers is “can I install underfloor heating with LVT?”

Installing underfloor heating with LVT

To put it simply, yes, you can easily install underfloor heating with your LVT. In fact, LVT flooring is ideal for many homes with underfloor heating as the floor can expand and contract with the temperature of the room. And, obviously, your underfloor heating will play a huge role in keeping your home warm.

If you were to choose another material, such as solid wood flooring, you will find that it struggles to work with an underflooring heating system. This is because the planks are far less stable when it comes to expanding and contracting with the fluctuating heat

Why LVTs such as Karndean or Amtico work well

Because Karndean and Amtico are quite thin, they allow the heat to pass through to your feet with ease. This means that your underfloor heating will warm up in no time and will expand across the floor quite quickly. The thin material also means that when you retrofit the floor, the build-up will be minimal. As a result, you will find yourself facing fewer problems with things such as skirting boards or additional insulation. However, there are some things you should look out for…

Maximum temperature

Your LVT flooring should not be heated any higher than 27C. For extra precaution, be sure to invest in a floor sensor as part of the thermostat. This will help ensure the underfloor eating cannot damage your flooring.

Special Adhesive

Manufacturers will often make it clear that the floor covering should be stuck down using a high-temperature version of their adhesive. This will usually have a model number that begins with HT to highlight its ability to endure higher temperatures.

Level floors

We cannot stress enough the importance of having completely flat and stable subflooring before you add any floor covering. Flexible tile adhesive is highly recommended for the heating mats.

Find the perfect flooring for your underfloor heating with Floorbay

With many products that are well-suited for underfloor heating, you may find yourself spoilt for choice! Why not take a look at our different brands and flooring styles to see what could benefit your home? Or perhaps you’d like to see what underflooring accessories we have available? If you’re still not sure, get in touch to see how we can help.