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Underfloor Heating for the Cold Ahead

With the summer quickly beginning to seem like a dream and colder mornings starting to creep in, those who have experienced a lot of their home this year may be looking to add an extra bit of warmth around the house and might even be considering underfloor heating.

With people looking to do some quick renovations before the winter months hit, many turn to luxury wood effect vinyl flooring due to quick ease in installation as well as its realistic appearance. What the added benefit vinyl improves upon is its perfect companionship to underfloor heating, with changes in temperature not affecting its appeal or appearance.

So let’s take a few rooms of your house and imagine a new look with the added comfort of warmth.

Your kitchen floor is usually one of the coldest floors to step on in the middle of the night. If you are half asleep coming downstairs to let a pet indoors, contact with that cold floor is waking you up possibly for a while. Having underfloor heating perfectly accompanying some of the lowest price Amtico flooring such as Drift Pine can ensure you won’t be getting back into bed with cold feet.

The bathroom is equally a typically chilly welcome during the night or morning, yet it need not be. By installing underfloor heating under a beautiful Polyflor option like Arctic Slate can provide lasting warmth after your first morning shower or late night relax in the tub.

Your living room area is the centre of comfort in the home, with the family relaxing after a hard day at work, the office or at school. There is no better feeling than every step on a luxurious Invictus floor such as Cottage Oak Truffle than the feeling of underfloor heating perfectly snuggled to your floor planks.

For those with younger children, you are no doubt no stranger to that Christmas morning experience of your children waking you up earlier to open their presents in the living room. You have probably experienced that cold feeling upon first entering the room via the floorboards. Well this year you could have a nice warm welcome to witness your children unwrapping their presents in comfort with a choice of vinyl flooring that is cushioned and won’t be suffering any scratches from toys.

Treat yourself to a solid investment for your underfloor heating by picking luxury vinyl tile and planks to make your home the ultimate in welcoming in the winter months.



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