karndean loose lay vinyl flooring

Those Furniture Sales are Coming. Your Floor Best Be Prepared

By now your television viewing will be pushing out those furniture sale adverts tempting you to grab a hot deal on sofas, beds and chest drawer sets to give your home a new festive or new year flavour. Some may have advertise flooring brand such as Karndean loose lay vinyl flooring or Amtico vinyl flooring.

We can’t say no to a good offer, even those black Friday sales give us the temptation to grab it whilst we can. Whilst they may be a quick fix for whatever room you deem them for, your flooring is something that stays for the long term and having one that is prepared for the shift around in furniture without succumbing to potential damage is something that you should be prepared to layer first.

What better way to usher in the new furniture than having a lush new floor to showcase them, and what better product than luxury wood effect vinyl flooring to seal the deal?

Why Vinyl?

Because installing LVT (luxury vinyl tile) looks fantastic and authentic in absolutely any room you look to instigate a change.

With vinyl you have protection against moisture and heat so that alone makes them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms should you be getting that new dishwasher or shower set up. It also means that those dropped drinks won’t be causing a drama during those fancy parties you have planned.

For those new sofas, you can feel secure that luxury vinyl flooring will not fall victim to scratches or indents like hardwood flooring or carpets would, and won’t give off a look and feel of plastic. Instead, you are left with a realistic look and feel of a wooden floor at a fraction of the costs.

Implementation is Quick and Easy

If you order new furniture to be delivered on a certain date, it’s good to know that installing a vinyl floor can be done in time for arrival with no fuss.

In fact, many people choose to install the flooring themselves and spare the installation cost of a professional. It’s as easy as clicking together planks or glueing down tiles with an adhesive and can be done in a relatively quick and timely fashion.

Easy Care

Christmas tends to get messy pretty quick, so you could use a floor that is just as quick to clean with no fuss or special treatments required.

Luxury vinyl tile such as Karndean click vinyl flooring provides the simplest in cleaning techniques; a simple mop and water. In fact, you don’t need to buy any specialist cleaning products to maintain its healthy appearance at all. Regular household cleaning products won’t wreck your floor and no expensive solutions are in demand to maintain it.

So before you order that new sofa and all those units you picked up cheap, consider the lowest price Amtico flooring or Karndean loose lay vinyl flooring, to provide a stable room that welcomes all new additions you pick up.