laying vinyl plank flooring

Christmas Flooring Potential

You’ve got the turkey, you’ve done most of the shopping for presents and are no doubt prepping those decorations ready to be put around the house. It’s Christmas time approaching so what else can you do in the run-up to the big day?

Believe it or not, December is the month of the critical eye, partly due to having over family or guests (which may not be so much this Christmas) but also as you want a perfect looking Christmas, which can begin with laying vinyl plank flooring in your home. There is only so much that your fairy lights and decorations can detract from, so if your floor is not providing the perfect reflection of Christmas, be it a shabby carpet or damaged floorboards, then you have just enough time to bring your home for the holidays with luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.

From You to You

It’s not unreasonable to want a little something for yourself this year in a present; one that benefits the whole family for years afterwards.

For your living room on that all-important morning, you could provide a luxury vinyl floor from Invictus to bring your room from cold to cosy in an instant. By using underfloor heating you can all come downstairs to a toasty warm room before you start the unwrapping on those dad socks you really wanted this year.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the real hardwood option because Vinyl perfectly replicates the look and feel of the real thing.

That Huge Christmas Dinner

No doubt you plan on cooking up a storm this Christmas. Turkey, vegetables, roasties? They are all on the menu.

So with the number of drinks, sauces and food moving through that kitchen why don’t you look at vinyl’s perfected technologies in combating the usual suspects when it comes to violating the flooring in this room. Stain resistance, moisture resistance and scratch guard properties ensure that no matter how hectic your traffic in the room your floor won’t be suffering the abuse.

With options such as Polyflor vinyl you can clean the floor within seconds using regular household cleaning products and leave no trace of food-induced trauma to your floor planks or tiles.

Effort in Transition

You may feel that transforming your floor into a fully vinyl solution is expensive and a lot of work, but laying vinyl plank flooring in your home for Christmas is actually pretty simple.

The truth is neither on both of them. The ease of installation of luxury vinyl tile has been one of the primary reasons for its popularity. That and its relative cheapness on the bank account against real alternatives.

In fact, vinyl flooring can pay for itself in the long run due to its increasing the value of your property as well as saving all of that money on specialist cleaning products throughout the years.

Treat your family to a warmer, sustainable and durable Christmas with luxury vinyl flooring.