image of decorative vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Just in Time for Christmas

Although Christmas is fast approaching and plans for decoration are already being discussed, you still have time to provide an extra level of comfort for that long-awaited Christmas morning with decorative vinyl flooring.

Although this year may not have visitors and family members present, your home can still be a welcome sight once the kids and yourself step downstairs to open the presents and it does not have to be a costly endeavour to give it an authentic look. By restructuring your home with luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, you are given warmth, comfort and above all else an authentic feel for the most wonderful time of the year.

No Feeling like the Present(s)

Imagine this Christmas morning scenario;

The kids have run downstairs and the first thing they want to do is open all of their presents. Pretty much 100% of the time they will sit on the floor in front of the tree rapidly tearing the papers on their presents.

Due to vinyl floorings’ various properties, the floor they are sitting on is a cushioned feeling whilst it can also be very warm due to its perfect complement to underfloor heating, meaning your room is warm and comfy underfoot.

The threat of toys scratching across your floor is also not a factor due to scratch guard technologies giving the ultimate in protection and stain resistance providing a quick clean experience after all the fun has ended, ensuring that your Christmas morning will go off without a hitch, even if the family dog gets a bit over-excited about all the paper across the floor.

And let’s not forget about your tree. If it’s real it will need to be watered. So it comes with great assurance that vinyl’s waterproof layering will ensure that no rotting around the Christmas tree will hinder your party plans.

Dinner Without a Hitch

Now for the grown-ups, Christmas dinner is a huge highlight with the kitchen seeing a wealth of activity straight through to the dining area.

Cooking up this yearly meal can be a messy experience for your kitchen with various food and drink sauces spilling all over the place. Happily, with vinyl flooring, your floor can be a quick clean and won’t be facing a discolouration at any sauce misadventures in the cooking. It won’t even require specialist cleaning products to be broken out to handle any instances, as warm soapy water and a quick mop does the work in seconds, perfect if you want to keep the room nice whilst between the sprouts and roast potatoes.

The Perfect Present for your Family

Installation of vinyl flooring is a practically painless affair that does not necessarily require a professional to pull off.

No matter if you choose the lowest price Amtico flooring or quick step luxury vinyl, you won’t be breaking the bank or stealing Christmas when it comes to selection. With hundreds of ranges, palettes and colours to choose from, decorative vinyl flooring provides a gift that keeps on giving all year round.