laying a new floor

Factors for Consideration with Laying a New Floor

Having an attractive and well-installed floor in your home is something truly rewarding for your eyes. Whilst many people have worries over how the floor will look, some things should be the focus before taking the steps to have luxury vinyl flooring installed – such as laying a new floor.

When you consider these things, the process becomes much easier on the budget and your peace of mind.

Clear Expectations

Once you have chosen the style of luxury vinyl flooring that you want in your home, a professional installer will prepare a floor according to your expectations. That being said, if you are ambitious about the style that you want to have implemented you may never get the desired style you have in your mind.

It is always good to have a clear list of your requirements right at the beginning stage and consult with your supplier so that the best version of the image you have in your head can be achieved.

Requirements List

Before the installers show up to do the job, you will have worked with the supplier to go over all of the specifics you have put on your list.

This includes the discussion on the room you want to cover, the laying pattern you want and what adhesive use or click-together method is best. These are all points that you will need to address within the discussion sessions, and each will need individual attention paid to them for them to be adhered to.

Not all vinyl flooring fits the same way, such as Karndean Click vinyl flooring or Polyflor, so you need to get the details right at the start.

Case History

You need to know that what is about to happen with your floor comes into the hands of experts with a good track record, so it pays to do some homework of your own. Not only should you look into testimonials and case studies about the work that they have performed, but you should also look into common problems with your style of flooring.

Reading up on some of the common installation problems and pre and post-care details helps you to understand how this floor should look and what problems can be averted from the beginning. Talk with the company as to how they work with a warranty and what happens if there are problems with the installation. If there are no clear answers, then it could mean you would be forking out extra cash for a floor damaged upon installation by a fitter. It also helps if you understand the signs of a bad installation straight away.

Always prepare yourself for the understanding of your installation when engaging with a flooring company. Contact the team at Floorbay today for professional experts who understand the factors you need to consideration with laying a new floor.