Measuring for Luxury Vinyl Flooring

No matter which style of luxury vinyl flooring you have chosen to layer through your home, the most important factor is how you have measured beforehand. This is an area that needs to be as precise as possible to accurately plan how your flooring will fit without complication.

Luxury vinyl floorings such as Polyflor or Invictus are arguably the most cost-effective flooring solutions available in today’s market for domestic environments. Every customer wants the most seamless installation process, so let us look at how to exactly measure your room for LVT installation.

How to Measure

To start with, draw a simple diagram of your floor space with a pen and pad, measuring your room from all four sides even if not completely rectangular. If any sections have been brought in or out, measure their dimensions also.

You need to understand what type of subfloor you have also – either solid concrete or timber floor. This is to ensure that your new floor does not wear against your pre-existing subfloor. From there, pick your new floor and begin planning using the measurements you have taken down. With LVT you need to leave around ¼ of an inch as expansion space around the perimeter so that your flooring can settle efficiently over time and not cause future damage.

Why Exact

There are many reasons other than ensuring a professional result why these measurements need to be precise. A simple millimetre out can have long-term effects on your flooring, most likely damage. Wearing and friction can take years off your flooring’s lifespan.

Long-term appearance is another example of why your measurements need to be accurate. A floor without visible joints makes for a more attractive finish and provides a much smoother underfoot experience. Measurements that are too far out add further costs.

Flooring gets trickier the more it ages, and should you decide to sell your home it will be an unappealing feature to see worn-down floorboards and gaps in the tile. This is why it becomes vital to be spot-on with the basics in your planning stage.

Flawless Flooring

With a little dedicated time to measuring your flooring before buying your luxury vinyl planks or tiles, you save on waste by not buying too much and save money by not having to buy more by underestimating your needs.

You will also need your measurements if you decide to go the route of professional vinyl installation, giving the company the exact measurements and subfloor condition so that know what they are working with.

Contact the team at Floorbay today for help with your flooring needs measurements and get it right the first time.