low maintenance flooring options

The Best Low Maintenance Solution

If you have happened to come across this article looking for the best low maintenance flooring options for your home that will not require countless hours of attention given to it, we can safely say that we have the answer in one solution – yet it comes in many different shapes, sizes and looks.

Easy maintenance is one of the things we look for peace of mind and being able to relax even more – no matter if we work from home or not. Whatever the solution, it has to fit in with the busy lifestyle and have a long lifespan – and some of the best fall into luxury vinyl flooring.

Maintaining Luxury Tiles

It is fair to state that luxury vinyl tile (LVT) cannot be beaten when it comes to low maintenance. Not only does it take little time to maintain, but it is also incredibly easy to keep it in its perfect condition all year round.

Vinyl such as Invictus does not require any special care products to maintain its look as real hardwood flooring does. It even replicates real hardwood with minimal effort in many different designs.

As advancements in manufacturing processes over the last two decades have worked to improve the aesthetics of luxury vinyl planks and tiles, they now mimic everything from wood to stone to porcelain and slate products without the problems the real thing faces.

These tiles offer excellent water and stain resistance which enable you to install them in a plethora of rooms throughout the home – especially ones with high water risk areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The Process of Cleaning

All you require when cleaning luxury vinyl flooring – such as Karndean Click vinyl flooring – is a daily vacuum and a weekly mop. This is mainly to keep dust, dirt and residue to the minimum.

There may be an additional concern if you choose a glue-down vinyl product, as you will not want to soak this product for fear of weakening the adhesive. If you are mopping around a glue-down vinyl installation, use a damp mop, not a wet one. You do not want water seeping through edges and causing your glue to weaken, compromising the integrity of your fully installed floor.

Floor Strength

The strength of these floors keeps them protected against more than just water, with stains and scratches protected by the protective top layer which works to keep the lifespan of the flooring. Vinyl floors come with an excellent warranty – sometimes up to a full lifetime – but some rubber-based cleaning products can affect the protective layer.

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