Luxury vinyl plank flooring

Taking Vinyl Flooring Seriously

Luxury vinyl plank flooring or tile flooring is the perfect solution for those currently taking on a renovation or a redesign project in either a domestic or commercial setting. Many would not think that both the terms luxury and vinyl would be able to adequately suit each other in a product, with vinyl flooring being typically associated with cheap and tasteless patterns and designs in decades past.

In today’s product and marketplace, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is everywhere and at a much better place in terms of manufacturing and style. Over the last decade, the quality of planks and tiles in luxury vinyl flooring has greatly improved and incorporated a stunningly realistic design that has become desired by homeowners and designers alike.


Over the last decade, major advancements in printing and manufacturing have resulted in a perfectly replicated LVT product, dramatically advancing this flooring to the echelon of flooring choices.

In today’s market, it is much harder to differentiate vinyl products from their real-world counterparts such as real hardwood or tile flooring. In various ranges over various brands, like Karndean Click vinyl flooring, vinyl is available in a variety of patterns that perfectly resemble the product that is expensive to install and at a fraction of its price – giving you the right floor much simpler.

Many stones mimicking vinyl products contain some natural minerals also, including requiring grout to hold tiles together. They are that realistic!


Households are much more active today than they have ever been, which makes real hardwood and tiles wearing in quicker succession and needing extensive repair and specialist cleaning chemicals to retain their look month after month.

With luxury vinyl plank flooring or tile flooring, this concern is eliminated due to the increased levels of durability they have. Incorporating protective safeguards such as water resistance, stain proofing and high traffic suitability, vinyl flooring is the product that is built to last – not to tiptoe around.

Desirable Price

The most appealing aspect of luxury vinyl flooring is its relative cheapness in comparison to real hardwood and tile. When you consider that vinyl flooring typically has a thickness between 10 millimetres to 12 millimetres and the thicker the flooring the more comfortable it is, as well as durable.

It also provides some extra savings on your home budget in that it can potentially be self-installed, saving the professional fitter costs and specialist installation products. It is an easier product to install and a much better vinyl product than what you remember from your childhood.

In seeing vinyl flooring as a serious product for your home renovation or redesign, you stand on a much more dependable product for the future of your home style.