Can Pets Damage Vinyl Flooring?

Most homeowners are worried about their flooring choices due to the higher chances of damage that can be caused by pets – which is why most expensive floors are seen as a no go area.

Unpleasant scratch marks and deep dirty footprints are not great for most floors which require an expensive amount of treatments and chemicals to clean thoroughly. When it comes to a purr-fect kind of flooring choice, many will opt towards luxury vinyl floorings such as the lowest price Amtico flooring or Invictus – and for many good reasons.

Vinyl Plank

When it comes to your pets, you need flooring that provides proof. We mean waterproof, scratchproof and stain-proof amongst everything else.

Not many flooring can claim to be safeguarded against everything an animal can throw upon it, but vinyl flooring brands can in spades whilst being comfortable underfoot as well. The biggest benefit is being waterproof, as we all know our pets can be impatient when wanting to go outside to handle their business. Everyone has woken at some point to witness a little bathroom accident from our furry and hairy friends in the early hours.

Whilst this would ruin a carpet, with vinyl flooring it does not soak through to the subfloor causing rotted wood or dampness. Instead, a quick wipe with a tissue or a wet wipe will get rid of the offending incident and your floor will be good as gold.

Nights on the Tiles

Cats love to sharpen their claws on whatever they can find and carpet is typically one of the biggest victims to a cats playfulness.

With the advent of luxury vinyl tiles throughout the room, you find that they are highly resistant to scratches – especially if you have something like dark grey vinyl. Tiles, like planks, are highly resistant to water and are especially comfortable to walk on with a very cushioned feel – perfect for those cats who jump down from windowsills and cabinets.

Both cats and dogs like to run around like crazy, which is where most scratches on floors tend to come into effect. Most vinyl flooring brands actually implement slip-resistance so that if any pets get over-excited running in from the backyard, they won’t go skidding into tables or furniture and making a mess.

Easy Clean-Up

Muddy paw prints are the bain of an animal owner existence, and they take forever to clean up so no trace is present.

Where vinyl makes this so much easier is that its stain resistance is perfect in maintaining the floor to its original condition seconds after it occurs with a simple quick wipe. No countless scrubbing attempts are required and your pet stays out of the naughty box.

If you love your pets and want the best for them, luxury vinyl flooring is a best friend for man’s best friend.