luxury vinyl tile flooring

The Main Factors in Choosing Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl flooring provides freshness with a style to all kinds of living spaces within the home – from heavy foot traffic rooms like hallways and living rooms to moisture-prone areas such as your bathroom or kitchen. In some cases, people opt for different types of flooring throughout their house and, whilst there are plenty of viable options for flooring from real hardwoods to laminates to suit, luxury vinyl tile flooring or planks allows you to have all styles in one product throughout. This is what has made brands such as Karndean Click vinyl flooring and Invictus so appealing for those looking at partial or full home renovations.

The Winning Factors

No doubt the biggest draws to luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is the price, appearance and performance of the product – each a very good cause of its popularity over the last few decades.

There are however other factors that make it an ideal choice for the home – the first being that you cannot identify vinyl tiles just by looking at them. An expert eye is needed to be able to differentiate real flooring from its vinyl replication because it is quite distinct in its capacity to effortlessly mimic natural elements such as wood and stone.

Vinyl is commonly mistaken for real hardwood on many occasions and knowing how expensive real hardwood flooring is – it is a perfect cost-effective solution without denying yourself the look you want.

Installation Ease

Installing new flooring is not easy on either the effort or the money it takes. Floorings such as ceramic tile or hardwood can even take upwards of five days to effectively install, which cannot be easy on your living or weekly routines.

The great benefit that luxury vinyl flooring provides on installation is that it is relatively simple and not time-consuming, able to be fitted over existing flooring or a perfectly levelled subfloor. This means you do not have to dispose of your current flooring which saves even more time and money, but also that you do not have to fork out a small fortune on professional fitters to do the work.

Concern for the Environment

Now more than ever, concern for the environment is paramount in every aspect of life. The benefit where it comes to luxury vinyl is that tiles are fabricated from 100% environmentally friendly products.

Not only does this allow for vinyl to meet your own personal environmentally conscious goals, but manufacturers are ensuring that their factories are adhering to the elimination of carbon emissions and packed and transported using the most environmentally friendly standards available in production and delivery of the product to your door.

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