herringbone vs parquet flooring

Herringbone vs Parquet

The choices of designs and laying styles within luxury vinyl flooring always comes down to a matter of personal taste, with two forms such as herringbone vs parquet flooring being two of the most popular. But do you know the difference?

Parquet style flooring has been extremely popular with homeowners for the better part of a few decades. It is an elegant, luxurious design available over many variations. Due to the many types, it can be confusing to try and figure out which one is the right fit for your home. If you do not know the difference between parquet and herringbone, then let’s look at their distinct features.

What’s the Difference?

When people separate parquet and herringbone in conversation, it is important to know one thing – Parquet is an umbrella term for a variety of patterned floors that includes herringbone. Technically, it is the same thing.

Herringbone is a specific type of parquet flooring said to have been developed by the Roman city architects back in the 16th century and is still as popular today. This does not mean that the Romans created vinyl flooring tiles as far back as that – just the pattern.

Herringbone and parquet flooring is distinguished by small planks that run in diagonal patterns, and the difference falls into the designs and types you choose from this product.

Herringbone flooring typically has a staggered plank design, with each plank meeting the side of the next plank as they are installed. They are fitted in at right angles to one another to create a staggered zig-zag pattern. Herringbone comes in a huge variety of designs through vinyl flooring through many distinct brands, such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring to Quick-Step luxury vinyl.

Perfect for Vinyl

Whilst these designs can be expensive in real hardwood or laminate flooring, the option of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring makes parquet and herringbone a reality at a more cost-effective price whilst perfectly replicating the more expensive option.

What also makes it a firm favourite for homeowners are the advances in technology that protect vinyl tiles and planks from various harmful elements such as water, scratches and stains. Vinyl flooring is considered to be the most practical flooring on the market and relatively simple to install, which means that you can save costs on professional installer fees.

Vinyl tiles are simple to maintain and provide various designs and thickness layers underneath the photographic wear layer, meaning that great looking flooring can be inexpensive and practical.

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