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Does Vinyl Have a Popular Colour?

Luxury vinyl flooring (or simply LVT) is available in so many different colours, designs and textures that naturally at some point everyone wants to know which is the most preferred option for homeowners. Regarding brands, it usually boils down to Invictus, Polyflor or Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring as the top choices – but what about the actual colour scheme? What’s the most popular vinyl flooring colour?

Out of all the colours on offer throughout these brands, three colours typically top the preference charts.


Beige is a neutral colour choice that matches most interior design schemes – and it is available in so many different designs from wood to stone looks.

Beige may not be the best colour for clothing, but when it comes to home design, it provides plenty of elegance in any room you seek to fit out with flooring. Cool colours work very well with beige, and it helps you to choose the paint options in the blue or grey tint to showcase a great home.

Neutral colours are the best choice for frequent decorating or if you are trying to incorporate larger amounts of existing furniture. It is also very appealing if you decide to sell your home at any point in the future.


Brown is the traditional, trendy and neutral choice for your home that is sure to work with most types of interior design plans.

Brown is the colour within luxury vinyl flooring that is available through the majority of looks – from wood to stone to tile designs. Darker brown colours are chosen for more dramatic flair and lighter browns get chosen for a more understated feel.

Neutral browns such as tan and sand are required choices if you like to switch the room around on more regular occasions or want your furniture to match easily. When looking to sell your home, you cannot go wrong with either light or dark brown for your flooring, with lighter browns expanding the look of size for your room and brown providing a more intimate feel.


Surprisingly, grey vinyl plank flooring is right at the top as the most preferred choice, and also available in so many tones that it can be tough to make a solid choice.

No matter which tone, dark grey vinyl flooring or light grey is extremely stylish and sophisticated and makes any other colour in the room jump out. Grey is timeless, and the patterns and intricate replicated designs in vinyl ranges make the home look just as timeless.

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