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Is Vinyl Flooring a Good Idea for Stairs?

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) has become a very demanding flooring option in the 2020s due to its capability to fight off moisture whilst being incredibly versatile. It is no surprise that most homeowners feel the need to match their stair flooring with the rest of the house for a combined appearance.

Vinyl flooring such as Karndean Click vinyl flooring is perfect for stairs because it is easy to clean and has anti-slip protection, protecting your family from accidental injuries.

Vinyl Flooring on Stairs

LVT is fairly easy to install by yourself, which makes it a cost-effective flooring option. Typically arriving with a simple peel-and-stick process, you save a lot of money on professional installation costs – although when it comes to stairs, you may feel inclined to go with a professional.

Luxury vinyl planks have a simple click-and-lock system that allows them to settle as a floating floor. However, you will need to ensure that the subfloor on your stairs is flat and free from any nails or protruding items that can disrupt the overall appearance of your floor.

Quick-Step vinyl flooring on your stairs is a very practical choice – being strong, able to withstand increased foot traffic and simple to maintain. Vinyl planks are much better for stairs than vinyl sheets, as they can be installed just like wood planks. Vinyl sheets would require being glued down in one giant piece, posing an impossible task on stairs.

Best Way to Install on Stairs

Vinyl planks are simple to install, but they require a solid amount of care when it comes to stairs. Poor installations create a risk of your planks coming loose or becoming uneven – which can lead to trips or falls for your family.

The best way to ensure your vinyl planks are secure is by glueing them down. Whether you use floating vinyl plank flooring or a glue-down variety, when it comes to stairs you will need to utilise glue regardless. If you have vinyl planks installed on the floor above your staircase, you will need to make as smooth a transition between them as possible. Your top step will require nosing, even though an extension of the floor.

It is critical to ensure that the nosing of this area is flush with the vinyl planks to avoid any tripping or falling down the stairs.

Luxury vinyl floorings, such as Invictus and Polyflor, can be a wonderful addition to your home when installed on your stairs. If you are thinking of installing LVT to your stairs, or have other flooring ideas you would like to talk about, contact the team at Floorbay to answer your flooring enquiries and turn your stairs into a comfortable and stylish addition to your home.