stone flooring

Affordable Stone Flooring Through Vinyl

There is great appeal towards stone flooring when you open up architectural magazines or browse online galleries that showcase a superb style throughout the home. The look of a stone floor just screams luxury.

The problem in reality is that stone floors are extremely expensive and that is what puts a dampener on the desire to have them installed. The higher cost puts the roadblock on having an authentic look of stone for most homeowners, but luxury vinyl flooring such as Karndean click vinyl flooring and Invictus offers a fully replicated and authentic-looking solution for your home that perfectly lines up with most home budgets.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in many different forms – such as luxury vinyl tile, vinyl sheet and vinyl tile. Each of these choices provides a wide range of attractive stone visuals and a wealth of benefits to your home.

The first thing to greatly outweigh stone is that LVT is much cheaper. In addition to high material costs with stone per foot, the stone is much heavier which typically would require some reinforcement for upstairs rooms. The more the stone chosen has hardness and durability, the more demanding and expensive it becomes. Vinyl flooring tiles do not have these conditions, as it weighs relatively nothing and is very cost-effective and budget-friendly towards changes required to your home.


Installation of LVT is much easier than the installation of a stone floor, featuring an adhesive-free click-lock system and not requiring any grouting work like natural stone would.

On top of the lower material cost of vinyl, the installation is much lower also as it can be self-installed – sparing the cost of a professional fitter and making the attractive look of stone even more affordable. Thanks to the dimensional stability and flexible nature of resilient flooring, there are many kinds of subfloors on that vinyl can be safely installed.

The stone installation has a subfloor requirement that tends to be more strict because of the weight element and the need to be completely level without imperfections. Vinyl flooring offers a solution that doesn’t call for additional charges in subfloor preparation, whilst reducing the overall costs associated with having stone flooring.

Great for Basements

People love the thought of installing stone flooring as a solid foundation at the basement level, but it does dampen the idea when you evaluate the water risks of this area.

Vinyl flooring tiles are inherently waterproof, with valuable enhanced water protection that protects the subfloor and the ground so that moisture does not cause problems.

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