vinyl floor benefits

What Our Clients Say are the Best Vinyl Flooring Benefits

At Floorbay, we have been servicing the flooring requirements of our clients for decades in the realm of luxury vinyl flooring. Through such satisfying brands as Quick-Step luxury vinyl, Polyflor and the new kid on the block Invictus, our clients have had flooring that lasted decades with the minimum requirement for replacement. When looking back with a majority of our clients, we like to hear what they feel were the most significant vinyl floor benefits they have gained from their choice of luxury vinyl flooring.

What is LVT?

Firstly, for those not aware, luxury vinyl flooring is a durable and beautiful-looking flooring solution designed to mimic real wood or stone, yet thin and flexible.

The rigorous and technical process of manufacturing LVT tiles infuses multiple layers of different materials through heat treatment. The result is highly durable, practical and simple flooring that lasts for decades.

Benefit 1 – Simple Installation

LVT flooring allows for either loose lay or glue-down installations. Loose lay entails laying tiles with a rubber base on a flat floor without adhesive use, keeping tiles in place with friction.

The floor surface does not require a lot of preparation, making this a fast and affordable option and easily transferable. Glue down involves an adhesive to hold the tiles in place, spread on the floor before placing the tile and is a hard set option. This is one of the crowning factors in luxury vinyl flooring for our clients as they save a small fortune on professional installation costs.

Benefit 2 – Comfort

Luxury vinyl tiles are known for their remarkable comfort, being much softer than the majority of flooring choices available.

As well as being ultra-comfortable underfoot, they act as a great insulator for heat and an unbeatable absorber for sound. These qualities have been a hit with clients preferring a more pleasant surface to walk upon than natural stone or wood.


LVT flooring mimics natural elements in its design, and where natural stone and wood flooring offer stunning vibrancy and texture, the problem lies with converting those materials into tiles and the expense it involves. Therefore, LVT offers an affordable alternative with the same beauty and feel.

The great thing about choosing these designs as vinyl tiles is that they do not contain elements that degrade the environment. With industries having poor track records for environmental preservation, PVC requires comparatively minimal resources that do not involve cutting down trees or demolishing rock faces.

These are just some of the great benefits that our clients are happy with luxury vinyl flooring choice, and the same can benefit you. Contact the team at Floorbay today to discover vinyl floor benefits and why LVT is perfect for you.