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Why Choose a Vinyl Floor?

If you have done any serious delving into the potential of luxury vinyl flooring for your home, you will know that the advantages are endless past simply transforming the look of your home.

In truth, no other type of flooring has as many advantages as a product such as Invictus or Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

Ready to Go

Installing the vinyl flooring is child’s play instead of something like carpet or natural hardwood. The reason being is that vinyl planks and tiles are designed and manufactured to make your life easier.

The ease of installation is one of the major contributors to people wanting vinyl flooring, giving them the choice of whether to hire a professional installer or do it themselves and save some extra money.

Starting from one corner of the room and working your way across the room, it can be a simple exercise with or without an adhesive appliance.

Silent and Safe

No matter if you are walking around in heavy boots or shuffling around in your slippers, vinyl flooring’s cushioning you are greeted with nothing but silence – which makes it suitable for upstairs use also.

Vinyl has been designed with the ability to absorb sound so well that it is 50% more silent than comparable flooring types. This makes the floors highly insulated which helps to retain heat as well as noise. Certainly a huge benefit for homes wanting to save as much money on their heating during the winter months.

Water Tight

Wet spills, dirty shoes and muddy footprints are three areas that can have a detrimental effect on most flooring designs.

With luxury vinyl flooring, you are 100% protected thanks to the incredible waterproof design that is incorporated into every kind of vinyl flooring brand. The top layer of vinyl flooring planks and tiles has taken this area extremely seriously and provides the maximum protection to ensure that water does not reach your subfloor. This means that vinyl flooring is a product for the long term.

Keeping Things on the Low

Vinyl flooring is the most low-maintenance flooring you can have within your home. The protective coating makes for easy cleaning with a simple sweep and quick mop to ensure it keeps looking as it should.

Being highly resistant to daily wear and tear and any potential scratches means that you are not needing to replace any sections or dedicate countless hours to cleaning.

If you want a flooring choice that gives you the maximum satisfaction, then talk with the team at Floorbay today to discover what luxury vinyl flooring has in store for you.



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