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Rust Marks and Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl is an incredibly durable flooring and is a resistant product to such threats as water, stains and heat – but some things can affect it to a larger degree and leave a lasting mark.

One of the biggest threats to consider is rust. These are stains that do require effective removal to better protect your investment’s look and save you money in the future. There are many different remedies posted online about how to remove stains, but you should always consult with your supplier to be sure that these options are viable for your specific brand of vinyl.

The worst thing that can happen is you make the stain worse by fading the area with certain cleaning products. This means avoiding products with high bleach concentrations unless the manufacturer states it is safe to use them.

Homemade Options

Certain everyday products can be mixed to create a substance that will remove certain rust stains. Having vinegar and baking soda, along with a bowl of water and rags at the ready can be the simplest clean of the threat.

Spreading a layer of baking soda over the rust stain and wetting the rag with the vinegar is simple, followed by gently massaging the rust-stained area for a few minutes followed by a water rinse of the floor.  This may need repeating a few times to lift the rust mark.

The baking soda element oxidises the stain and the vinegar loosens it leaving the floor looking the way it should – like new. If the baking soda is not working how it should, try wiping the area with rubbing alcohol after the water rinse and applying another layer of baking soda.

Store Cleaner

Many stores carry their brand of specialist floor cleaning agents, but you need to look for an oxalic acid solution powder, knowing that these powders are toxic and require gloves and a mask when using them.

The product will have its recommendations and guidelines, but you also need to ensure that the manufacturer does not outlaw these certain products on their specific planks or tiles. If you are still unsure, you may test the cleaner on any leftover flooring tiles you may have to ensure this product is suitable. Products that house a high bleach concentration cause bigger issues such as serious white splotch that is impossible to remove afterwards.

You will need to avoid chlorinated floor cleansers for the very same reason.

If you suffer rust on your Invictus or Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, or just looking for more durable flooring, contact the team at Floorbay today.