Why Choose LVT?

A luxury vinyl tile (or LVT as people call it) is a much more sustainable choice to install into both domestic and commercial properties than real hardwood or stone-based flooring. The costs and benefits of vinyl options certainly outweigh any cons that people would come up with.

As well as being a quicker and easier installation in the majority of cases, these floors are extremely hard wearing also – which makes them ideal for a place that has a lot of foot traffic. With its PVC wear coat and other protective coatings, it is the perfect product for areas where scratches and scuffs are a common occurrence. Vinyl can last for many years without needing any replacement or treatments if a simple clean can be performed once a week – it is that simple.

Where Would It Go?

LVT such as Invictus is a solid choice for any part of your home or commercial premises. Today, many businesses utilise vinyl planks and tiles as a suitable flooring solution – including schools, offices, hotels and any other place looking for great design.

The eye-catching designs available have come a long way since the old tacky and cheap-looking product that everyone remembers from their youth. Today it is a seamless product that can be mixed and matched with endless possibilities – and the brands (from Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring to Polyflor) offer up so many variables.

Do Designs Factor?

What you need to understand is that when we discuss the option of luxury vinyl flooring, we are talking about hundreds and thousands of available designs – and the major majority of them fall into hardwood and stone styles.

These are the most popular replications that people want for their homes, and having a variety in effects, colours and styles that could be imagined in a variety of laying patterns is a dream for homeowners.

The design comes down to a combination of both design and laying pattern, with luxury vinyl flooring providing many options to create a truly unique space. You could opt for a simple straight lay, a high-end herringbone layout or an intricate weave effect with alternating colours – your choice is indicative of your own lifestyle choices and how you want your home to match.

Install Ease

The same goes for how you choose to install it. Should you want a loose lay, a click-together design or a glued-down option – it all depends on your preference. However, it does not hurt to enquire with an expert at Floorbay about how you should have it fitted and what to consider with your home lifestyle.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a great option for the home, and the brands only accentuate the potential for the longevity of your home design. Contact the team at Floorbay today for help in discovering the perfect flooring for your home or business.