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Is Vinyl Flooring Affordable for Many Rooms?

When looking for new flooring throughout the house, some vendors will recommend luxury wood effect vinyl flooring for the home as the best option. Luxury vinyl flooring – otherwise known as luxury vinyl plank flooring – is the most affordable vinyl flooring and versatile option composed of narrow planks instead of square-shaped tiles that customers would typically envision.

Due to its rectangular dimensions, luxury vinyl flooring is the most affordable option on the market that provides a look of authentic hardwood at a small fraction of the cost. That is not the only reason why it is a beneficial choice for the entire home.


You will naturally want the best materials for your home improvement projects because investment into your home is set for the long-term. However, those investments do not have to be costly on your home budget.

Subpar products can get the job done but not do them well. Something like luxury vinyl flooring is extremely practical for the job because it is affordable and has sustained longevity – so much so that it truly speaks for itself.


The big thing that sways people from layering real hardwood flooring into their homes is the cost of the estimate. It is an extremely expensive option that can take years for you to fully place through your home.

Luxury vinyl flooring can perfectly replicate real hardwood design and at a fraction of the price, being a cost-effective solution to a fantastic-looking home. Real hardwood is around ten times more expensive than vinyl flooring, which is a welcome relief to budget-conscious homeowners or those looking to cover a large square amount of footage.

Not only is the material more affordable, but savings on the cost of installation is a reality too. Luxury vinyl planks are a relatively easy install for an average homeowner to do on their own. This takes out the by the hour installation cost of a professional fitter to put a little bit extra back into your home budget.

No Extra Requirements

Vinyl flooring does not require the purchasing of additional materials such as grout either, meaning you save even more money. The project will be pretty easy for you to complete, factoring in any complications that could slow down the process.

Vinyl flooring is a cost-effective solution that can cover every room of your home due to its extra-protective design in resistance to moisture, scratches and stains – meaning even your kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from the cost-effective product.

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