Taking Vinyl Flooring Seriously

If you find it hard to take the words luxury and vinyl in the same sentence pretty hard to swallow, it can be understandable. In decades past, vinyl was a pretty flimsy product that was not on anyone’s ideal flooring list.

As the years have moved on, so has the product. Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring today is the most preferred option over real hardwood, providing a cost-effective solution to gaining the look of the real thing.

Vinyl flooring brands such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring are popping up all over the place, from small domestic homes to business offices to multi-million dollar penthouse suites. The reason is that this product has dramatically improved all over and is at the top of interior designer recommendation lists. It is a pretty impressive commitment to product turnaround to become the top flooring product all over – and for any kind of room also.


Over the last decade, printing advancements and the realism of mimicry in LVT products have had an amazing turnaround. It now is almost impossible to tell the difference between vinyl and the product it is replicating.

No matter if it is real hardwood or tile it is replacing, it can do it with incredible style and the ability to spare a huge chunk of change in your budget. Vinyl flooring also comes in a vast variety of patterns to simulate wood, stone, slates, ceramics and others. It does do the job for the look you want, but more simply and effectively.


Households today are more active than they have ever been, which means the foot traffic comes in droves all day and night.

As this is a major concern for real hardwoods and tile flooring in terms of durability, vinyl flooring has no such qualms. Vinyl provides 100% water resistance, stain resistance is highly durable and completely suitable for high foot traffic areas – meaning you won’t need to replace this product for decades to come.


Vinyl used to have this stigma attached about being a second rate product which is why it was inexpensive. However, many vinyl flooring brands contain natural minerals, even up to 75% natural limestone combined with 25% vinyl.

Some of the floorings require grout to hold tiles together, which makes it even more realistic.

Natural Shape

Not only are natural products used within composition and printing, but the actual shape of the LVT pieces are incredibly realistic. The majority of LVT brands come in individual planks or tile shaped pieces as opposed to traditional vinyl flooring that comes in room-sized sheets that require cutting into size.

Vinyl flooring is a serious product for one that mimics real-life flooring solutions. Contact the team at Floorbay today to view the various shapes and styles to suit your home.