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Common Problems with Self Installation of Vinyl Flooring

Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is undoubtedly a great solution for your home design available in a wide variety of brands, textures, and designs, and the simple interlocking mechanism allows you to just connect the planks like a giant jigsaw puzzle. It is this simplicity that makes many people forego the added price of professional flooring installation and have a go at doing it themselves. After all, it is pretty simple, right?

Yes, it can be pretty simple, but it can also be pretty daunting for those who forgo a professional install and have no idea what they are doing. We would recommend that installation be done by a professional to ensure that your warranty is not affected by any mishaps that can damage the floor through ill preparation.

Failure in installation can be either due to the kind of adhesives you use, the installation techniques you apply or even the ones you skip. If you experience any of these, it is best to call on the team at Floorbay for advice on what to do.


Dimensional instabilities, curling, cupping, and lifting of the flooring planks and tiles can happen if the moisture level of the subfloor – and the room in general – have been unchecked and unmoderated. If this happens then you would have to deal with an unsightly floor that also runs the risk of lessening its lifespan.

This could be avoided by moderating the moisture level of the room and subfloor. Vinyl is influenced by temperature and where you install your planks is crucial. Certain types of vinyl flooring react to col and heat, containing and expanding according to external temperature. If you plan on using it in a bathroom or kitchen, it is typically softer than other flooring materials you would have in there, so you should take care of moisture to not reach the underside of the planks.


Peaking occurs when two planks squash against each other and lift at the joints, caused by a lack of space between them. You need to leave a little space between to accommodate the expansion and contraction of planks when being installed.

The easy solution to this problem is in trimming the planks along the wall or removing some of the mouldings. You can then flatten it by putting some weights on top of the area for two days.

Peaking can also be a result of sunlight, moisture or water seeping into the joint.

There are many other instances where a careless self-install can lead to a less than perfect vinyl floor, and we recommend you consult with professionals before attempting it yourself.

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