how long does vinyl flooring last

Vinyl Flooring

How long does vinyl flooring last?

When in the market for a highly durable flooring option, you will have been recommended luxury vinyl flooring as the most ideal material. Whoever recommended it was not wrong in highlighting it either, as the majority of vinyl flooring brands offer professional-grade resistance, simple click-installation systems and a wide range of colours and designs.

Vinyl tiles and planks offer durable, practical and affordable options for all rooms from bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. The quality of the materials, how they are manufactured and how it is installed will all impact the durability and life expectancy of the flooring.

The Durability Breakdown

All vinyl flooring brands have an extensive design in manufacturing to ensure their product is strong and long-lasting. Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is generally treated with a special surface treatment to provide extreme protection against such instances where scratching and staining can damage a floor.

The transparent wear layer also provides additional durability to the proceedings, whereas rigid core designs provide extra resistance and dimensional stability. This means that your flooring will not ripple or swell. This also eliminates the potential of expansion or contraction over time.

Other Protection

Flooring such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a product that can hold its shape and size against moisture and variations in temperature. Elements such as water, cold and heat will not affect the tough appearance that vinyl flooring provides for any room in the house.

The topcoat within vinyl flooring is so durable that it protects each tile and plank against a vast majority of the damage, meaning it is perfect for high foot traffic areas in a home looking for high quality from low maintenance products.

Being 100% waterproof, vinyl flooring is composed primarily of PVC – but the quality of installation can affect the level of water resistance. As tiles or planks sit side by side in multiple seams, whilst the product itself is waterproof – you can still suffer moisture damage from water seeping through incorrectly installed seams.

Vinyl roll is a product that comes in sheets and has very few seams when installed if you choose that option. In the case of planks or tiles, it is always recommended that you have a specialist installer fit your flooring to ensure it is done properly and without risk – also covering you in case it is installed incorrectly.

Lasting Power

How long does vinyl flooring last? Luxury vinyl flooring can last anywhere from 5 to 25 years, depending on the quality and how they are installed and maintained.

The advantage of lifespan may vary significantly depending on the type, quality and brand that you choose. It is always worth asking the question from your supplier of which has the best lifespan for the room of your choosing.

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