Renovating on a Budget

Changing your flooring for something fresh and invigorating certainly provides you with a wealth of options from real hardwood to tile to carpet. The only problem being for those renovating on a budget is that you have to weigh the pros and cons of each choice and settle on something maybe not what you initially envisioned.

Vinyl Choice

When looking for something that matches all 3 requirements – affordability, durability and aesthetic – luxury vinyl flooring can meet all three, which makes it a popular choice with homeowners.

As with any material choice you select, vinyl comes with its own set of benefits and frustrations. Vinyl planks, unlike wood, are 100 per cent waterproof and moisture resistant. This is what makes them a high choice above all else, enabling them to fit kitchens and bathrooms alike.

With real hardwood, it cannot be placed in any area that will get wet due to its propensity to rot underneath in due course.

No Stressful Fix

With tiles, you would not fit them in any area where they have a risk to get damaged. Vinyl planks, on the other hand, are very versatile and durable – meaning they can withstand heavier amounts of foot traffic and items dropping on them and not sustain any damage.

Added to that, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring will not find damage from spills that would typically soak through gaps and start to affect the subfloor. If your home has pets or small children running around causing a ruckus, vinyl planks and tiles do not scratch easily, chip in places or suffer any major damage that ruins the overall look of the floor.

The cleaning and maintenance of luxury vinyl flooring are also much easier, with just sweeping and vacuuming needed for daily maintenance. Whenever a deeper cleaning is required, a quick mop and warm water do the trick 99% of the time. You should however avoid mops that have built-in scrub brushes as these have the possibility of damaging your floor’s top layer.

These simple techniques keep a vinyl floor clean and healthy with the most minimum of effort.

Savings on Cost

One of the most appealing benefits of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is undoubtedly the cost that it saves on your home budget. This is also stretched to its relative ease in self-installation – allowing you to cut out the expensive cost of a professional fitter if you feel up to the task yourself.

Contact the team at Floorbay today to discover how you can attain all three requirements on a budget and be happier with the result.