Where to Place Luxury Vinyl Flooring

When you want the same appearance as real hardwood or stone flooring without the threat of water damage in wet areas, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is typically the perfect alternative.

Not only is it affordable, easy to install and available in a wide variety of styles and colours, but its tough wear layer and quality means that it is perfect for those rooms where the other alternative is voted against.

Placed Within the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of those high splash zones that is very unavoidable when it comes to the risk of water on your flooring. There are many challenges from sinks to washing machines to spilt drinks that offer up a considerable risk to the floor.

With luxury vinyl flooring in the kitchen, you are provided with 100 per cent waterproof products that effortlessly protect your subfloor and are not a victim to water damage itself. With other floorings such as laminate and carpet, this would result in stains that would require immediate cleaning with an expensive cleaning chemical to ensure it does not damage or leave a lasting look of an incident.

With vinyl flooring such as Invictus, the water will never affect the print layer or the underneath wear layer. This prevents your flooring from rippling or bubbling as it sits on top. The only way water can damage vinyl is if it manages to get under the sides and ruin the backing – which can be avoided with silicone applied properly at the perimeter.

Vinyl Fit for Bathrooms

As with the kitchen, the bathroom is a recommended area for vinyl due to its constant, unavoidable splash areas. The bathroom is more of a water risk area than the kitchen.

For this reason, the vinyl planks or tiles placed within the bathroom must be able to handle the copious amounts of water spills. It is the best form of flooring for a bathroom as other flooring choices would not be able to cope with the hazards and would require multiple replacements over time.

Vinyl’s wear layer helps to maintain its appearance through continuous water as it blocks it from seeping through and disrupting the print layer underneath. To prevent water from reaching the sides where it can potentially damage the product, seal the edges of the vinyl away from the potential water damage with silicone at the perimeter.

Out of all flooring options, luxury vinyl flooring is the highest recommended for wet areas and splash zones. It is suitable for many other areas of the house too.

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