vinyl flooring underfloor heating

The Best Flooring for Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating is a highly sought-after installation for the home, with many interior designers extolling the virtues of this great addition. But can you have a vinyl flooring underfloor heating system in your home?

If underfloor heating appeals to you, you must examine and research which flooring types work with the system to get the best out of it for the years ahead. These systems help to provide additional luxury to a room, taking the edge off of colder mornings and helping you to get out of bed that little bit earlier.


You don’t want to invest in a system and not have any heat reach your feet, so you will need to consider a few things. Firstly, the flooring must be highly efficient at transferring heat to the surface and retain it for as long as possible.

That is the biggest concern but the second concern is also just as important. You will need flooring that will not change structure when exposed to that heat, or become damaged with the extended exposure to it.


Everyone thinks stone tiles are the best option and it is not without merit. Stone has high thermal conductivity and can withhold heat for very long periods.

This means that you can run the system for less time to feel the benefits, and they will not warp or become damaged with this exposure. The downside is that stone tiles are pretty expensive to layer an entire room, and replacing any damaged ones can be a painful affair in removing surrounding tiles.

Engineered Wood

If you like a more classic look, another option is engineered wood. The multiple-layer construction means that planks can withstand fluctuations in temperature.

Wood is notoriously warm also and can be comfortable to walk on barefoot so it does become a high consideration. However, underfloor temperatures for engineered wood are advised to keep below 26oc when using wooden floors, so they are somewhat limited for really cold days. The other problem with wooden flooring is the water damage factor, leading to costly replacements in an era where wood has a high price tag.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring such as Invictus can effortlessly replicate the looks of wood and stone and be a much more affordable option.

The great thing about vinyl flooring is that it conducts heat very well and is extremely low-maintenance, making it the perfect choice for busy households. It is a highly recommended product and a preferred partner for underfloor heating systems by word of interior designers.

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