luxury vinyl floor tiles

Can Luxury Vinyl Tiles Be Used in Homes?

In previous decades, luxury vinyl floor tiles and planks were not as common as other flooring types for a majority of people – however, it should have been for a lot longer than it has. Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring has a lot of qualities that have made a lot of homeowners reconsider their flooring choices.

Luxury vinyl flooring tiles and planks effortlessly mimic natural wood flooring products in both looks and feel. Since this product is also 100% waterproof, it is an ideal option for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms that are prone to moisture levels.

Including the cost of installation and maintenance, luxury vinyl tiles are considerably more cost-effective than real hardwood flooring, which is why landlords and business owners also love the product.

Home Use

Today, luxury vinyl flooring offers versatility like no other flooring product and can be used within a home without so much as a second thought.

With top-notch quality in every individual tile, the affordability factor makes the entire operation of laying this flooring very appealing for those budget-conscious homeowners looking for ease of spending in the future. It also plays a great hand in homes with children or pets, no matter if you choose it for a specific room or the entire house.

How Good is the Quality?

The method of construction is what makes luxury vinyl flooring the most durable option on the market. Comprised of three layers, the top layer consists of a high definition photo of actual hardwood flooring – known as the design layer.

This photo is applied to the second layer known simply as the backing layer. The third is known as the wear clear layer, which is the topmost layer protecting the photo from scratches and scuffs. 3D printing forms the clear layer ensuring it looks and feels as real as possible, with some vinyl floorings coming with a pad attached to make it easier and more cost-effective. When choosing vinyl flooring from a supplier, you should ask if the choice comes with a pad attached.

Is It Popular?

The truth is that luxury vinyl flooring has taken over the world to become the most popular flooring, and it is a popularity that is still on the increase.

It is truly a better alternative to carpet, tile and real hardwood because of its incomparable look, cost-effective price, super durability and 100 per cent waterproofing. It has graduated from commercial space use to make a firm home within domestic settings and will continue to be the one product making others obsolete as the year’s roll onwards.

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