vinyl floor installation

DIY or Professional Installation: Which is Better?

If you have purchased new Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring and are preparing to have it laid out beautifully across your home, you may be having one last debate with yourself: Do you go with  professional vinyl floor installation for a fee or save some money and do the installation by yourself?

DIY installations certainly save you money on those by-the-hour pro-installation costs, although probably not as much as you are thinking. As an example, you have already paid for the flooring – but doing it yourself means you may be pasting the same rate that it would cost for a professional fitter to do it when you factor in the purchase or rent of the tools required, and the additional cost of any repairs should you mess up.

Installing a floor made from vinyl is something that you have to get right the first time, otherwise – you stand to lose a lot of time and money.

Consider This

If you are set on giving it your best go and doing a self-install, there are a slew of things you have to consider before delving in.

The first thing to consider is if you have competent experience – not just in the installation of flooring but also in using the tools required. Not only that, are your back and knees able to handle the amount of time you will spend on them to complete this project on time? This is not as simple as just clicking together some luxury vinyl flooring boards across your floor – this takes a lot of preparation such as smoothing out your subfloor.

This will include identifying any problems such as unexpected moisture or water damage that will require treating before getting to work. You will also need to have your disposal plan in place not just for excess flooring, but also for your existing flooring that is being pulled up.

Expert Areas

There are some aspects you don’t think will be a problem at first but can find yourself stuck on. Some floors have a different flooring level and would require a transition. Not knowing how to do this can cause untold problems.

Also consider that if you are laying in high water rooms such as a bathroom, you may have a certain amount of slope. Not knowing how to deal with this during the installation can lead to many problems with your floor.

The biggest area to consider is the time you have. DIY projects tend to take a lot longer than you expect, and leaving it half completed means you may take a while to come back and complete it. Having a professional fitter means that they have allocated the correct time to complete the job in one go, utilising all of their knowledge to complete the job to its highest standard – as well as covering you if the installation goes wrong for any reason.

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