Choosing Flooring for a Black and White bathroom

When you hear the word “monochrome”, you may find yourself thinking of being limited to only one colour. However, a monochrome floor is something that can have such an impact on almost any bathroom design. Here are a few ideas to help make your black and white bathroom pop with the perfect flooring.

Pick a mosaic

Mosaic is wonderful if you’re a fan of small details that make a big impression. Whether it be basic square, hexagon, or any other intricate shapes, you can find mosaic tiles in a wide range of decorative patterns.

Let three be company

If black and white are too limited for your liking, adding three won’t make a crowd. Warm tones can help balance out such a contrasting two-tone colour scheme. Consider using black and white as a border and use wooden flooring such as Luvanto’s Bleached Larch to soften the overall design.

Pair with a partner

If you’re working with an all-white bathroom, you can make the room pop with an all-black floor. This allows your bathroom to follow the monochrome theme without having to overly invest in other elements around the room such as black and white walls or accessories (unless you want to of course).

Flooring with purpose

As we just said, you don’t necessarily have to keep your monochrome pattern on the floor. The floor can, in fact, be used as a base for everything else you want to do with the room. For example, if you want a walk-in shower, how do you want to design your flooring for that? Do you want to keep the flooring the same, or would you like to switch things up a bit and create an area of separation? Have a think about the purpose of your bathroom renovation and let the floor be a visual guide.

Be playful

At the end of the day, it’s your bathroom! This means you are in complete control of the design and flooring styles. Have a play with ideas, see what’s fun and what pattern will be worth cherishing in many years. It’s entirely up to you how the room will look, and it won’t be any different when it comes to your flooring.

Find your perfect flooring with Floorbay

There are so many different flooring types available, but if you want quality, Floorbay can find you the best value for your money. With a wide range of brands, from Amtico to Luvanto, there are many styles and patterns for almost any budget. Get in touch today to find the perfect flooring for your monochrome bathroom.