dining room floor design

Dining Room Plan

If you are planning on hosting more and more functions, hospitality or parties in 2022 then no doubt you are already planning to spruce up certain areas of your home for the showcase. The dining room is the one that stands to be used the most when fine dining at home with guests is on the menu. Memories and meals are the order of the day when it comes to this particular room, so having the room be memorable in itself is something that surely is on the checklist. If it is, then surely luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is the first port of call for you dining room floor design.

The Right Welcome

Bringing people into your dining room area is always supposed to be an occasion that gives an instant feel of welcome and comfort. To achieve that, it needs a warm colour, natural comfort and a durable standing for the amount of foot traffic that will come through.

Whether you are bringing in food, grabbing another bottle from the kitchen or going in and out for visits to the bathroom, the floor sees a lot of movement. It also will be holding plenty of weight – with a heavy table, chairs and people who sit on them.

If hosting events is your thing, then your flooring is what is going to support it all – and that is going to require a strong, durable and sustainable floor to do so as well as be fashionable and pleasing to the aesthetic.

Dining with Vinyl

When you choose your dining room floor you will be looking at how the space is going to be used. Typically, it comes with a desire to spruce up the room in general – boosting its overall appearance for the better.

It may be a room that is usually used as a passthrough area to the kitchen or living room, meaning that the flooring needs to withstand a lot of attention from foot traffic as its main cause of concern. If you eat in there as a family every night, then that is something that adds to the requirement for a durable floor that is hard-wearing.

It also needs to be a bright room for the levels of engagement that come within it, with light wood vinyl being a much better, cheaper and durable product than real hardwood flooring. Product lines like Quick-Step luxury vinyl and Invictus are perfect flooring partners to brighten up the décor through vinyl products.


Not only is luxury vinyl flooring beautiful to look at, but it is also completely scratch and stain-resistant, as well as 100% waterproof – which means it lasts much longer against common household accidents.

These reasons alone place vinyl flooring brands like Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring at the top of the nation’s wish list in their home budgeting.

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