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Is Flooring the Perfect start to Your New Year?

If the transformation of your home or the final stages of moving into a new home is on your new year’s resolution list, have you considered adding luxury wood effect vinyl flooring to your home transformations and plans?

Vinyl flooring planks and tiles are a great facelift for a home, able to perfectly replicate the look of woods, stones, ceramics and other floorings. Not only do they look great, but they are much kinder to your home budget also.

If you look to invest in better flooring for the new year, vinyl offers a lot to consider.


Vinyl planks and tiles offer a much wider range than they did over 20 years ago. If you are wanting a particular aesthetic, it is guaranteed that vinyl flooring brands have the perfect match.

Over the decades, revolutions in patterning, colour palettes and digital and innovative technologies have enabled the perfect mimic of many flooring styles with added visual depth. This style is also long-lasting in taste as well as in its lifespan, with durability and longevity keeping the floor in its natural state for upwards of 30 years if cared for properly.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl floors such as Invictus and Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring are indeed extremely durable, lasting between 20 to 30 years if installed and cared for properly.

Due to vinyl contracting and expansion, they make the perfect option for high traffic areas and areas where there is a lot of natural sunlight piercing the room. The high resistance to scratches and dents is great, but added security against deep scratches should be taken with the use of felt pads on furniture feet.

Unlike real hardwood, vinyl does not require re-sanding. Simple vacuuming, mopping and brushing keep your floor clean, along with warm soapy water and floor mats (non-rubber laced) will do the job perfectly again and again.


Whilst it may look complicated to do, vinyl flooring can be extremely simple to self-install if you feel confident.

Many people choose to pay a little extra and have a professional fitter install the more complex designs, but many planks utilise a tongue and groove system for simple clicking together, whilst tiles utilise a brand-specific adhesive to glue down sections with ease.

If you look to ease the home budget and give it a go yourself, you can find a simple afternoon enough time to lay the floor, with a 48-hour non-step period to allow the boards/tiles to set correctly before traffic hits it.

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