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Floorbay Has Your Christmas Wrapped Up

We all wondered what Christmas was going to be like this year, and with concerns over whether this Christmas will follow suit and end up as another lockdown – it has not stopped us from sprucing up the home to deal with the holiday cheer.

Your floor is no exception, with you wanting to give it the nicest possible shine for the festivities about to commence. If you are expecting a bit of extra foot traffic in your home this Christmas, you have just enough time to give your home a special Christmas treat with luxury wood effect vinyl flooring for a much more seasonal look and feel.

The Transformation for Years Ahead

It’s not just tinsel, trees and baubles that can provide a welcome atmosphere for your Christmas guests this year – vinyl flooring is just if not more welcoming.

Available in stunning patterns and colours, vinyl flooring has the added benefit of being easy to clean and more resilient than carpets or laminate flooring. When you have visitors, there is always a worry over cleaning up stains from carpet or scratches to your hardwood flooring – so having vinyl flooring is having a floor that everyone can enjoy and not stress over.

Vinyl flooring provides comfort, safeguarding and style all in one easy to install package, from elegant and sleek to modern and cosy – looking amazing whilst providing care for the floor with all of its protective measures.

Works Hard, Not Feels Hard

Being a much more sustainable product than real hardwood or carpet, vinyl flooring is perfect for households with lots of children activities. Statistics show that the majority of household accidents to flooring come from children, so having a floor that is stain, scratch and waterproof means you have less hassle and more security.

Cleaning vinyl is extremely easy and can be done with regular household items like a mop, brush and warm soapy water. That is much easier than trying to hide offending spots under rugs and expensive varnishes.

Great Selections

There is not one particular brand of luxury vinyl flooring, as many different brands have a unique style of their own. Brands such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, Invictus and Karndean click vinyl flooring all feature remarkable designs and practicality to suit any kind of room – including kitchens and bathrooms.

From woods to stones to ceramic designs, everything is under one roof for providing flooring for every room under your roof.

Contact the team at Floorbay today for the very best in luxury vinyl flooring options on the market.



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