home flooring

Flooring Makes a Home From a House

Your home flooring may not get a lot of attention in your day to day activities. We tend to only notice it when we drop something onto it.

In the morning you are busy getting prepared for work and getting the kids ready for school, and in the evenings you are cooking and taking care of whatever chores are on the daily list. Your floor sees it all happen from the comfort of being underneath your feet the whole time – which makes you think that maybe it is a bigger character than you initially view it.

When was the last time you considered the tone, character and style of your ever-reliable floor to make it look much more than just a floor?

Warm Welcomes

As soon as anyone steps through the door, the hallway is typically a room that greets you – and it is usually a room that gets the least amount of care and attention in return.

Imagine turning that drab entranceway into something much more stylish with the use of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring from such ranges as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring or Invictus. Not only is it a quick installation to put into effect, but it also can give a great visage through the use of borders framing the entranceway.

You don’t have to worry about muddy or wet footprints as vinyl flooring is not just 100% waterproof but also stain-resistant – meaning it can be cleaned as quickly as it appears. A warm welcome as soon as the door opens for your home.

A Healthy Environment

Your kitchen is the ultimate in ‘must clean’ rooms, and the messes made from food preparation and cooking, children snacking and pets running wild around the room equate to a lot of activity to clean up after.

Kitchen floors can scuff and stain regularly, but with vinyl flooring, it is greatly protected due to its durable stain and scratch guards which means it stays looking great all year round and is not hard to stay that way.  If all flooring was as easy to clean as the lowest price Amtico flooring, you would simply only need a mop in the house for an occasional swish across the floor.

Luxury vinyl makes the kitchen a place where the work does not feel as such.

Styles for All

There are many great styles and brands to choose from for your home flooring, and talking with a professional about the options open in making your home truly welcoming only opens your doors wider. Contact the team at Floorbay today to experience the luxury within vinyl flooring.