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Christmas Care Tips for Your LVT

Never mind Mariah Carey telling you all she wants for Christmas – the team at Floorbay knows what matters the most, and that is enjoying the season and not getting tied up with maintenance on your flooring choices.

Low maintenance is a gift that keeps on giving, and Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is that gift at Christmas that doesn’t take you away from the festivities. Here are some of our top tips for caring for your luxury vinyl flooring during Christmas.

Clean Your Spills Quickly

As no doubt expressed as a key selling point, LVT is non-absorbant and boasts an unbeatable resistance to spills and stains. Over the festive season, they are more likely to happen with friends and relatives coming over.

However, leaving liquid and food on top of your Quick-Step vinyl flooring for hours on end can result in some potential damage – or even a potential slipping hazard. We recommend you clean up all spills as soon as they happen with a damp cloth or well-wrung mop. If you notice any stains, warm water and a mild detergent should do the job.

Check You Have Suitable Cleaning Equipment

You must double-check that any cleaning products you use are suitable for cleaning LVT like Invictus. Some chemical cleaning products may be unsuitable for specific brands, and using metal scourers can cause irreparable damage.

It is one thing to check the label to find out if the product is suitable, but it pays to talk with a brand representative or your vinyl flooring supplier before applying them to your vinyl floor. Damage from unsuitable chemicals destroys the look of your flooring and will also void your warranty.

Avoid Dragging Any Furniture

As we all know, putting up Christmas decorations and a tree results in some re-coordination of your room. If you need to move your sofa or a table for a Christmas tree or create additional space for festive fun, you must avoid dragging your furniture over your flooring.

Dragging heavy furniture can result in unattractive and untreatable scuff marks. We recommend fitting the feet of your furniture with felt padding to prevent this issue from damaging your floor beyond repair. Although LVT is cheap to replace, it can still be an unattractive sight until you get it fixed – and you don’t want to be conducting such repairs over the Christmas season.

At Floorbay, we can advise you on the best care techniques all year round for all flooring choices, including Karndean click vinyl flooring, Polyflor, and others. Contact our friendly team today for expert advice and information on luxury vinyl flooring in your home.



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