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Personality Trends to Consider for Your Home

If you have recently gotten the keys to your new home or have spent a lot of money refurnishing your existing home to make it extra cosy, you have probably seen that when it comes to flooring trends, your personality comes into play more than you had realised.

Personality is key to happy living and provides natural comfort, surrounded by your favourite colours and items that make a statement. This is a very important process within the home design – and especially within your furnishings and decor.

Whether it is house plants, framed pictures of your favourite moments and people or even old furniture that you have had restored because you simply cannot do away with it, it all comes from personality. So how can that naturally progress to accommodate your choice in flooring, furniture and overall room tone?


In the majority of homes, it comes down to the simple things – and if it is a room you want to relax in, you would be amazed how much can be added with simple throw pillows.

Put them on your chairs, put them on your bed or on that lounger you have by the window and you are not only adding texture, but you are also providing the right tone for the room you just want to unwind in. if you can find a matching design in a throw for a chair or sofa, then you have the ultimate message for anyone who enters the room – this is a relaxing space.


Wallpaper is a number one choice for impact on a room that can seem pretty plain with just natural coloured paint. The wall design of a room is something that is supposed to be eye-catching, not garish.

Most homeowners will use a mixture of pictures on a feature wall or some paintings or other arty setpieces to disguise a dull wall, but having selective wallpaper such as stone design or brick or marble can set the brightness to how it should be.

It can even be linked to the design of your flooring or totally against it, but it is something that deserves due attention and a dash of your personality.


Speaking of your flooring, that goes a long way more than you realise with your personality. It is also with you every step of the way through multiple home design change choices – so you must choose one that lasts throughout.

Luxury vinyl flooring such as Invictus or Polyflor is perfect in that it can fully replicate the look of real hardwoods or stones and be much cheaper than the real thing. On top of that, it can be installed quickly and easily in most cases and you don’t get stuck with just one design – you can find your personality-matching choice through so many ranges on offer.

Personality plays a huge role in relaxing in your home. Contact the team at Floorbay today for flooring trends and discover new layers to your personality through our many luxury vinyl flooring brands.



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