how to fix vinyl flooring

How to Fix Your Vinyl When Needed

Though luxury vinyl flooring is highly durable, water-resistant and comes with a certain freedom of maintenance – it is not invincible. This may leave you wondering how to fix vinyl flooring if this problem does occur.

Some occasions will come along to truly test your Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring’s durability, but the good news in all of that is that whilst wear and tear can occur to some extent – you do not need to fully replace the floor. You need only fix the individual section of it.

If your flooring has experienced immense exposure to moisture from a leak or flood damage, it can showcase in bubbling up which then presents wear and tear damage. If the edges are not jagged you could simply glue down the ripped part.

The Typical Step

Depending on the damage, this will determine the outcome and how to fix vinyl flooring. If the vinyl flooring has sustained minimal damage and there is no requirement to fully replace the floor, using a scrap piece of material you can set up a patch to place over which will make the offending part undetectable.

By taking a piece that matches the pattern around the damaged area, make the scrap piece around 4” longer and wider than the pattern surrounding the damaged area. Tape down the matched scrap vinyl to the floor using duct tape, being sure not to cover the design around the damage.

With the use of a utility knife, cut alongside the lines of the design, following it up with keeping the knife straight to cut along the break of the line and not through the centre of the pattern line.  From there you can score the vinyl, firmly pressing so that the blade can go through both the patch and vinyl floor.

After you have done this step, remove the duct tape and damaged vinyl after you have finished cutting out the pattern. A putty knife will help to separate the vinyl from any adhesive used.

After Adhesive Clean Up

Once you have cleaned away the adhesive you can dry-fit the patch, levelling its bottom edges or trimming with the use of the utility knife. You should find that the patch fits perfectly after the edges have been levelled.

Your next step is to apply an even coat of vinyl adhesive onto the floor using the putty knife. After this you can gently press the patch down, taking a damp rag to clean at the seams. Place a heavy object over the patch for the amount of time the glue determines its drying.

With the adhesive dried, clean the patch and mix a vinyl seam sealer which will bond the seams together and make your floor blended perfectly once more.

Consult with Floorbay‘s team on any work that needs doing to your luxury vinyl floorings, such as luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, planks or tiles or abstract designs to ensure that guidelines are in sync with anything you read.