how to protect vinyl flooring

How to protect your flooring this Christmas

Believe it or not, your flooring takes quite a hit over the Christmas period! With guests coming in and out, stiletto heels and muddy boots traipsing around, and not to mention the mess created by pets and children, you need to protect your flooring! There is also pine needles, candle wax, food and drink spillages to consider. Basically, Christmas is messy, and your flooring will be affected. Knowing how to protect vinyl flooring is vital, but how? Read on to find out…

Protect your flooring this Christmas: Dirty shoes

The chance of England receiving snow during the Christmas period is often slim, frost will certainly make an appearance. As a result, our shoes will pick up plenty of grit that has been laid down to prevent footpaths from becoming slippery and without knowing how to protect vinyl flooring, could become a hazard.

It is also a time where our shoes pick up mud and dirt, particularly from winter walks and other outdoor activities. To avoid bringing this into the house and all over your lovely vinyl flooring, enforce a “no shoes inside” policy or ask guests to change their shoes at the door.

Alternatively, you could invest in scrapers to leave at the doorstep and mats so guests can wipe down their shoes on entry. And don’t forget pets! It may be best to leave a damp, soapy cloth and towel at the door for when you come back after a walk.

Christmas trees

Nothing says Christmas better than the smell of a real Christmas tree. However, sap and pine needles find their way onto the floor far too easily. And, if you have a potted tree, watering can be a pain too. Even with vinyl flooring, you’ll be grateful to invest in a waterproof mat that sits under the tree and collects the majority, if not all of the mess. Knowing how to protect vinyl flooring using a funnel will also ensure you don’t overspill when watering as it can be difficult to make its way around all the decorations.

Finally, be careful when bringing the tree in and removing it. Keep it wrapped to avoid scratches and use a tree skirt when it’s up as needles can make their way in hard to reach places. And don’t forget to give the floor a quick sweep or hoover as soon as you’re done moving it in and out.


Any party comes with the risk of spillages, even if you have well-behaved party guests. Be ready with clothes, sprays and wipes to clean up any mess as soon as it hits the floor.


Luckily, with vinyl tiles, the constant change in temperature won’t affect your flooring, so this is something you needn’t worry about!

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