luxury vinyl tile flooring

Turning Smallest of Spaces into Larger Than Life

There are many of us that are faced with small spaces in our home that we struggle to find the potential for luxury vinyl tile flooring to be laid down.

Many modern homes or apartments built today are smaller in comparison to homes built 40 years ago, providing much smaller spaces for homeowners and little in the way of options to make it really stand out.

There are actually many options for turning small rooms and spaces into something fancy and eye-catching, even making it much larger than it is. It can be achieved through brighter coloured flooring, mirrored furniture to reflect light and eliminating bulky furniture pieces. One area it can also be achieved is the use of clever flooring in the desired space.

Light Makes Right

By getting shut of bulky carpets and installing luxury wood effect vinyl flooring in a lighter reflective shade, you not only accentuate the style of the room but you give a reflection that provides a sense of space.

This also provides light to naturally bounce around the room making it a more airy space. With vinyl flooring being a naturally thin flooring option, you also have a natural comfort underfoot without the threat of it wearing thin and requiring replacement.

Continuous Flow

By creating a seamless flow through surrounding rooms with your flooring, your small space can present the illusion that it is in fact one larger property.

By linking the same flooring through the entire level of the house you create a sense of continuous space, which also can open up a lot of thought about what goes where and what can be moved around. By having everything occupying the same flooring, you find that you don’t rearrange items into specific rooms due to their padded or wheeled legs. Luxury vinyl flooring is protected against scratches and scuffs from most flooring challenges, so it makes for ideal layering to the entire floor.

Growth Through Pattern

It is unbelievable to believe that the way things look increases the amount of space you see.

Straight laid flooring planks and tiles are one thing, but parallel or diagonal laying can provide the space with a feel of effective light. This in turn presents a greater look and feel of the space being much bigger than it really is. This can be achieved through Quick Step luxury vinyl or the lowest price Amtico flooring, providing a cost-effective way of creating space and style within the home.

By choosing the cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK you are able to provide space not just in your home but also your bank account, with a complete floor that lasts upwards of thirty years and protects against the changes you may want to implement throughout the home.

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