pet friendly flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring

Dogs and cats; we all love them and they make our home complete. They provide security, companionship and fun, which is why they deserve pet friendly flooring.

Our pets do sometimes present challenges when it comes to our furniture, our fixings and especially our floors. Carpets can be victims of little accidents or even claw marks from those instances when the postman calls around or your cat friends get a little too ecstatic.

The Friendly Alternative

Wood and laminate flooring are not preferred flooring for those with four-legged friends, as they tend to find many instances of sliding and scratching the floor and finding them off balance.

Whilst this may pose a problem for felines and hounds, it also provides various scratch and scuff markings on the floor. Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring provides a neat alternative that can perfectly replicate wooden floors whilst providing protective properties against scratches and slips. Perfect for those overly rambunctious pets who live to race around the house during the day when you are not there.

Quick Clean-Ups

Having a pet means cleaning up constantly, especially as cats can knock glasses off of tables and dogs can chew up even the most durable toys.

Every day is just a new adventure for dog and cat owners, so having a product that reduces the need to clean up provides a purrfect product in quick step luxury vinyl. This product is a simple sweep and mop away from being its natural self with no threat of stains or discolouration. It also is a tough product to claw at or become dislodged, meaning your tiles and planks won’t be tomorrow’s chew toys.


Having a pet means having those little accidents around the house, especially if they are a puppy.

Carpet cleaning agents are expensive and the stench can be atrocious, so having a vinyl flooring product such as Polyflor offers perfect waterproof technologies meaning those little accidents won’t lead to an underfloor catastrophe.

Simple household cleaning products and warm water will make sure that your pets won’t leave a lasting impression when they absolutely have to go.


Your cats and dogs love warmth, which is why they will fall asleep in certain points on your floorboards that are directly above pipes to the front of the fireplace.

Not only is luxury wood effect vinyl flooring incredibly cushioned but also provide great companionship to underfloor heating, meaning your pets will find natural comfort and warmth instead of cold freezing floorboards.

If you love your pets, give them a little love back with the safety and comfort of luxury vinyl tiles. Talk to the team at Floorbay today and discover the best designs for your home with pet friendly flooring.