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What Better Way to Spread Love than Luvanto

Cold nights and warm hearts; that is what Valentine’s Day means to most. Set the scene with new vinyl tile flooring or new luxury wood effect flooring.

Just how can you provide a little something extra into your home for this Valentine’s Day to keep things fresh, warm and provide a loving atmosphere for your romantic evening?

Well when it comes to spreading love, people look to Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

When Cooking Up a Special Meal

Those special meals that you look to cook up for you and your partner tend to be a very special and extravagant meal, which means your kitchen is going to be tested to its max.

This means sauces, spices and special ingredients which will no doubt cause spillages and stains on your kitchen flooring. This means you need to clean it and tend to those stains before they stick around forever. With luxury vinyl flooring from Luvanto, you find that it’s easy to clean properties perfectly provide little fuss to derail your evening plans.

Simple wet wipes can take the spills and a quick brush can sweep up any mess and your floor will be right as rain immediately, leaving you more time to perfectly prepare your valentine’s meal.

Warm and Cosy Cuddling

After eating, you may feel like snuggling up in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and each other’s company.

The installation of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring in your living room adds to the atmosphere not just in the look, but also some glorious luxury benefits to make your night even more comfortable. If you have a roaring fireplace, you will find that the heat will not cause the flooring planks or tiles to raise or bubble. They will also not discolour from the heat.

Should you drop a glass of wine or tipple occasionally, the water-resistant properties that vinyl provides means with a quick wipe won’t ruin your evening or your floor.

End of Evening Comfort

After all the festivities are over, your flooring continues to keep the warmth going.

As a natural partner to underfloor heating, the cushioned feel of vinyl flooring provides comfort underfoot and natural warmth that is contained and insulated within the room. With fantastic wood and stone designs throughout your home, you can be sure to impress your partner whilst providing a beautiful location for your romantic events for the night.

Why Vinyl Provides Love Back

By choosing luxury vinyl planks and tiles within your home, the product takes care of you as much as you take care of it.

Vinyl flooring gives protection against scratches, stains, water and temperature like no other product, and all it asks for is an occasional sweep and mop to keep it clean and looking like new. This makes a product like Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring the perfect setting for your February plans for Valentine’s Day and beyond with new vinyl tile flooring.

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