vinyl flooring solutions

Mixing Style with Comfort: The Vinyl Flooring Solution

Luxury vinyl flooring solutions is the most flexible floor covering available on the market that can be used for any room in your property. It is a durable solution that every homeowner should be considering moving forward.

The Upfront Benefits

When properly installed and maintained, vinyl tiles can last longer than any other available flooring option. The added benefit is that its durability makes it more cost-effective, serving you longer without a necessitated spending on floor repair.

Luxury vinyl flooring – such as Karnden Click vinyl flooring – are simple to clean and can withstand excess moisture and spillages, equipped with a thin protective layer on the tile surface that is highly resistant to scratches and stains and able to withstand intense foot traffic.

Planning Ahead

Many homeowners choose not to be left out of the potential luxury vinyl has for the home, especially with tiles that can be designed to fit any requirements. Having your flooring measured and planned for with installation means that the installation process can be done much more simply and faster – you can even choose to self-install and forego the cost of a professional fitter.

There are many different brands of vinyl flooring with many different ranges to select from, such as Invictus, Polyflor and Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring. Able to effortlessly replicate anything from hardwood to stone to ceramic designs, vinyl tiles and planks have been the best and most cost-effective solution to having a luxurious home look for a fraction of the price – and more protection for the long term.

Should you choose to install vinyl flooring by yourself, you will need to stick strictly to installation guidelines from the supplier, with each brand and design having its methods and adhesives. Any straying from set guidelines may damage your flooring and affect your warranty – although damaged tiles and planks are relatively simple and cheap to replenish.

Care Instruction

Each supplier will be able to provide specific care instructions, with the majority of vinyl products being averse to rubber-based waxes or furniture fittings. Felt padding is required on furniture feat to reinforce the scratch guard layer and protect against deeper scratches that cannot be buffed out.

It is also advised not to leave any moisture on the floor surface for prolonged periods. Whilst the tiles are 100% waterproof, it can weaken the adhesive around the tiles and cause tiles to come loose.

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