zen bathroom design

A zen bathroom for self-care

It’s normal for us to feel overworked, overtired and stressed. But for many of us, now is a time to make the most out of time at home. Creating a zen bathroom is a beautiful way to enjoy some much-needed “me time” for your health and wellbeing. This week, we shall discuss how to create a zen bathroom design for self-care, and the flooring to go with it.

Creating a zen bathroom for self-care

With intelligent planning, smart solutions and careful consideration of materials, it is easy for anyone to create a zen bathroom for self-care. Here’s how!

Block out noise pollution

Without calming sounds to help relax your mind, noise from the outside world can pollute your ears! A calming water feature can not only help overshadow these noises but will also make a wonderful decorative piece in your bathroom!

Relaxing scents

Though lemon and mint are great scents for waking up in the morning, you need the opposite when it’s time to unwind. Lavender, camomile and rose are three calm scents to help you relax in the evening.

Candles, incense, and bubble bath are just a few ways to welcome these scents into your zen bathroom.

Faith in nature

When it comes to designing a bathroom with zen in mind, it is important to think about the materials you choose. Natural elements are ideal for creating zen, so you should consider stone tiles or light bamboo shades. Add touches of green here and there and you have the perfect zen bathroom!

We recommend you apply this rule to your flooring too. Flooring is part of the canvas of your overall design. Adding natural elements on top of artificial styles will usually clash, particularly if you are trying to create a sense of zen. If you wish to add wooden decorative items, opt for stone tiles. If you wish to decorate with stone elements, opt for wooden flooring. The two pair beautifully, and adding foliage can complete your zen bathroom design perfectly!

Ready to find the perfect flooring for your zen bathroom?

If you would like to give your bathroom the ultimate zen makeover, you must start with the perfect flooring. It may seem like a hefty investment, but you can cut the costs by choosing luxury vinyl tiles that replicate the look and feel of natural materials. So, if you’re ready to shop, look no further than Floorbay! Contact us today.