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Reign instead of Rain: Waterproof Vinyl

Over the course of time we have documented luxury wood effect vinyl flooring and its benefits and security throughout the home, but what about when those outside forces threaten your flooring. Specifically, the elements of the colder and wetter months which require waterproof vinyl flooring.

So we all know that LVT is highly durable, stain-resistant and scratch proof. But how does it hold up against the weather’s heaviest challenge of coming in soaked to the bone and water dripping onto your floor?

Battling the Elements

Vinyl flooring is world-renowned for its excellent water-resistant qualities which make it a firm favourite for domestic and commercial property alike.

However, there is always a risk when it comes to water on flooring and how long it can take to have an effect no matter what flooring it is. All vinyl is treated to resist water ingress to an extent for hours or days without getting damaged, but no floor can withstand a fully soaked floor for long. It’s a case of how much is too much as excessive amounts of water frequently on your floor could cause joints and edges to give in to the strain and leak through to the underfloor.

To be sure of this not taking effect, all floors should be kept water-free immediately after such leakages or instances of spillages occur. This can mean bathrooms where an overflowing bath or exposed shower causes puddles or overspill

Stop Leakages

Whilst moisture resistance is ever-present in vinyl flooring, high exposure can still cause a threat to the floor if the top layer is penetrated.

Be sure that when cleaning with a mop you are not soaking the floor with a full dose of water, just wring it out fully and clean with a lighter water load. Most vinyl floors can be cleaned regularly with a sweep or brush so resist the urge to mop every other day and give your floor a space to breathe.

High Water Rooms

Water is a very high level of threat to most flooring options and certainly a high cause for thought when it comes to refitting certain rooms of your home.

In this thinking, vinyl flooring such as quickstep luxury vinyl is the perfect party to layer kitchens and bathrooms which are the highest water-heavy rooms of the home. However, it does not stop you from implementing in other rooms where water can be a factor.

The garage itself can be fitted with vinyl flooring to give a great clear effect and front hallways where you would normally hang wet clothing after coming inside can be a perfect place to implement this level of superior flooring. If you have a washroom where laundry is taken care of then there is no threat by having vinyl as the choice to go in it.

Luxury vinyl flooring is the smart step in securing the home from elemental forces that can damage or destroy sections of regular flooring. Get in touch with the team today, for a better home thanks to waterproof vinyl flooring.


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